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AP Human Geography Debates: GMOs and the Green Revolution: GMOs

AP Human Geography Debate Resources: GMOs and the Green Revolution

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Audio from NPR

Audio from NPR

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Bioengineered corn

"Bioengineered Corn." Issues: Understanding Controversy and SocietyABC-CLIO, 2017, 

"Genetically Modified Food" Portal from Opposing Viewpoints in Context

"Genetically Modified Foods" Portal from Global Issues in Context

"The Desolate Year" from Monsanto Magazine in American Decades Primary Sources

"Genetically Modified Foods" Topic Center from ABC-CLIO

"Food Research and Development" from ABC-CLIO

"Antibiotics in Food" from ABC-CLIO

"Organic Foods Protection Act (1990)" from ABC-CLIO

"Genetically Modified Foods: Timeline" from ABC-CLIO

Non-GMO food label

"Non-GMO Food Label." Issues: Understanding Controversy and SocietyABC-CLIO, 2017,

GMO Foods from Bill Nye the Science Guy

"Soybeans & Sustainability" from the EU's GMO Compass

Audio from NPR