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Refugees: Photos


Photograph by Maria Torres-Solanot ©

Torres-Solanot, Maria. "A refugee just arrived to Moria camp, Lesbos." Instagram. Instagram, 4 Feb. 2016. Web. 9 Feb. 2016. <>.


Photograph by Santi Palacios ©

Palacios, Santi. "A Syrian boy, with his parents phone number written on his arm, sleeps at the port of Mytilene, on the Greek island of Lesbos." Instagram. Instagram, 6 Sept. 2015. Web. 9 Feb. 2016. <>.

Photograph by Gerry Simpson ©

Simpson, Gerry. "A little much-needed global perspective on Europe's #refugee 'crisis'" 5 Feb. 2016, 5:49 AM. Tweet. <>.

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Palacios, Santi. "Refugees and migrants in a dinghy." The Guardian. Guardian News, 30 Jan. 2016.Web. 9 Feb. 2016. <>.

Syrian Refugees Exceed Three Million Mark. Syrian Human Rights Committee. Syrian Human Rights Committee, 24 Aug. 2014. Web. 9 Feb. 2016. <>.