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AP Human Geography Debates: GMOs and the Green Revolution: Green Revolution

AP Human Geography Debate Resources: GMOs and the Green Revolution

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Norman Borlaug instructs FAO students

"Norman Borlaug Instructs FAO Students." World History: The Modern EraABC-CLIO, 2017, 


"The Next Green Revolution" by Pedro Sanchez for The New York Times

"Durban Dilemma: a Second Green Revolution?" from the Harvard International Review

"Against the Grain: Why Failing to Complete the Green Revolution Could Bring the Next Famine" from Foreign Affairs

"Introduction to the Global Food Crisis: Current Controversies" from Opposing Viewpoints in Context

"The Green Revolution Revisted" from Canadian Dimension

"Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity: Norman Borlaug" by Gregg Easterbrook for The Atlantic

New rice development in the Philippines

"New Rice Development in the Philippines." World Geography: Understanding a Changing WorldABC-CLIO, 2017,

Norman Borlaug and the Green Revolution

The Mythology of the Green Revolution with Vandana Shiva

Audio from NPR