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Photography: MIMIC A MASTER: Mimic A Master

Resources for students studying photographers and their images.

About the Project

1. Who is he/she? Provide biographical information (years of life, country of origin, relevant photographic information, education, career, photographic experiences, etc).

2. Subject Matter & Composition: What does the photographer take pictures of? Describe the subject matter of the work. How is the work arranged? Include some visual analysis of the work. Look for consistencies in the photographer’s style. View at least 20 images.

3. Technique: How are the photographs made? Describe the photographer’s process of making photographs (technical aspects of composing, shooting, printing, special effects). Include info about the camera equipment and other relevant technical information. He shoots his photos with a really long aperture time. One of his photos he had it open for about 10 minutes if not more.

4. Theme: Why is he/she a photographer?  How has the photographer developed as an artist? rk (why did you choose this photographer, what specific images interest or inspire you?)? I like that he takes photos of places rather than people. I like how the long exposure time gives it a good amount of contrast. Also that all of the buildings are in such sharp focus.

5. Personal opinion: What do you like about this photographer’s work.

6. Resources: Please list the resources (websites, books) that you have referenced for your assignment.

7. Brainstorm: Please list or sketch some ideas you have for your own photography assignment. What aspects of you photographer’s work did you find most inspiring? What would you like to mimic in your work? What subjects would you like to photograph? What techniques will you use?

Photography Websites

  Art Institue Chicago UA Center for Creative Photography 

 Masters of Photography      Artcyclopedia

  Magnum Photos                        Photography Now

  photo-eye                            NG Photographers

Finding and Citing Images

Google Reverse Image Search         NoodleTools' Guide to Citing Images Infographic


Citation Guides & Bibliography Generators

Selected Books from the Library