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US and the World Depth Topics: Reconstruction

Database Links

"First African Americans to serve in Congress during Reconstruction." Presidential Administration Profiles for Students, edited by Kelle S. Sisung and Gerda-Ann Raffaelle, Gale, 2002.


"Reconstruction" (Overview) from U.S. History in Context

"Women, Gender, and the Boundaries of Reconstruction" by Catherine A. Jones for The Journal of Civil War Era via U.S. History in Context

"Mapping Occupation" via U.S. History in Context

"Reconstruction in America: Racial Violence after the Civil War" from the Equal Justice Initiative via U.S. History in Context

"The Failures of Reconstruction Have Never Been More Evident -- or Relevant -- Than Today" by Alexander Manevitz for The Washington Post via U.S. History in Context

"Rutherford B. Hayes Addresses Congress, 1877" Transcript

"Reconstruction and the Rise of Jim Crow" from The African-American Experience via US History in Context

"Gilded Age Leisure and Recreation" by Fred R. Nadis from The Encyclopedia of Leisure and Recreation in America via US History in Context

Students and teachers at a Freedmens Bureau school in Beaufort, South Carolina.  Corbis.

"Students and teachers at a Freedmens Bureau school in Beaufort, South Carolina. ©." Reconstruction Era Reference Library, edited by Lawrence W. Baker, et al., vol. 3: Primary Sources, UXL, 2005.


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