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Poetry Cafe British Literature: General Resources


During this course, each of you will have the opportunity to learn about a major British poet, the era in which he or she lived, and the influence of their society and personal background on their writing.  In addition to sharing your findings about the poet's life and times, you will read and lead a discussion on one of your chosen poet's poems.  The goals of this project are for each of you to practice research, reading, and speaking skills, as well as to gain a deeper appreciation and understating of the power and beauty of British poetry from various eras.  


Database passwords for off-campus access (requires Google login)

Use for finding biographical information about your poet.

Provides access to biographies and critical analysis of authors from every age and literary discipline. 




Use our subscription version of NoodleTools to create accurate bibliographies!  NoodleTools allows students to cite, archive and evaluate sources, organize notes, and outline.  The 'Sharing and Collaboration' function allows students and teachers/advisors to work together on a project.


There are many features that make NoodleTools a terrific research helper.  Take advantage of the option in your account profile ("My Account" - "My Profile") to display "Show Me" help screens for source checking and for help finding the information required for source evaluation with the CRAAP test.  Check out the Help Bubbles offered when making a citation.



Poetry Foundation - Poet biographies and poems - Poet biographies, poems, and essays about poetry

 Famous Poets (


Shmoop - Great site for analysis of poems.  Be sure to "Search" for your poet or poem- Some aren't listed in the alphabetic lists!