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Interwar Years: The New Deal & The Green New Deal

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A climate activist group rallied in front of Senator Chuck Schumer's office in Midtown Manhattan demanding that he sign the New Green Deal on April 30, 2019.

"A Climate Activist Group Rallying for the New Green Deal." Gale Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2019. 


"Green New Deal" (Overview) from Opposing Viewpoints in Context

"New Deal and the Second New Deal" (Overview) from U.S. History in Context

"Women of the New Deal" from Great Depression and the New Deal Reference Library via U.S. History in Context

"New Deal City" by Sue Halpern for Mother Jones via U.S. History in Context

"Was Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal Actually 'New'?" by Schmidt and Allison for History in Dispute via U.S. History in Context

"Radio Address: Roosevelt's Defense of the New Deal" Transcript

"The Green New Deal Should Include Reparations" by Emily Atkins from Opposing Viewpoints in Context

"Green New Deal Fails to Offer Any Solutions" by Jonah Goldberg from Opposing Viewpoints in Context

"Green New Deal Featured Viewpoints" from Opposing Viewpoints in Context

In this photo taken in December 1936, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (seated in car) talks to a man in North Dakota who had been a homesteader for 51 years before losing everything due to drought.

"Franklin Roosevelt Talks to Man Who Lost Everything to Drought." Gale U.S. History Online Collection, Gale, 2010.