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Geography resources: Home

Databases for geographic information

Use to find maps of regions, information on individual countries  

OR Search for key words (Kashmir, autonomous, nationalism)


Also - Click on each of the “Geography Concepts”

Then on: and 


Use the World Edition to get “Regional content” and country info



This database can be helpful for information about geopolitical issues in your region

AND Search for Keywords - For example "border disputes" gives you a Topic Centers called:

  • Pakistan-Afghanistan Conflict over Border Region
  • Boundaries, Borders, and Maps
  • South China Sea Disputes

Databases for info on History of states

Gale's World History in Context

ABC-CLIO's World History: The Modern Era

(covers from 1500-present)



For some regions:




CIA World Factbook

From Annenberg

Each regional section includes maps and historical timelines