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The Great Gatsby: Jazz

Resources for Ms. Gibbs's American Lit. Students

Books from the Library


Interpretation of Jazz

Interpretation of Jazz
Winold Reiss, 1925

1920s Music Playlist


"Jazz Age" from ABC-CLIO:


"Ragtime and Jazz" from ABC-CLIO

"Jazz Music in the 1920s" from ABC-CLIO

"Music in the United States, 1920-39" from ABC-CLIO

"Jazz" information, links, biographies, and videos from ABC-CLIO

      Icarus, plate VIII from the illustrated book, "Jazz"

Blues by Jesse Reisch                    Jazz: Icarus by Henri Matisee

Jazz musician James Reese Europe and his band

Jazz musician James Reese Europe and his band

"Jazz musician James Reese Europe and his band." Photos/Illustrations. National Archives. American History.ABC-CLIO, 2016. Web. 2 Feb. 2016.