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Human Impact Project: Environment


  • Climate change, oil spills, pollution, diminishing resources, food waste, biodiversity ...

Marine Pollution

Air Pollution

Coral Reefs

Water Pollution

Waste Disposal

Sea Level Rise

Climate Change

Plastic Waste

Library Books

Environment Topic Ideas

General Topic

Specific Ideas

Food Production

Water shortages and water scarcity

Animal agriculture and its impacts (e.g., methane)

Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

Genetic engineering or modification

Crop toxicity due to climate change

Deforestation of Amazon Rainforest and Cattle ranching

Palm Oil plantations

Seed patents

Soil erosion

Soil contamination

Soil salinization

Food waste (methane in landfills)

Food transportation miles

Biofuels (ethanol) production related to food security

Fisheries, aquaculture marine and coastal conservation as they pertain to food and nutrition security

Climate Change

Natural disasters linked to climate change:



Loss of natural resources such as wetlands, etc.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Melting ice caps

Melting glaciers

Rising ocean levels threaten island nations

Rising ocean levels and climate refugees

Misinformation about climate change in media

Climate refugees

Solutions - world climate agreements (Paris Agreement 2020)

Look at major contributors: transportation, agriculture, energy production

Solutions such as carbon tax


Biofuels (ethanol) production and food security

Peak oil

Consumerism (linking consumption to environmental degradation)

Planned obsolescence

Nuclear power waste and pollution

Mineral resources over-extraction

The extraction of resources to create energy

Mountaintop removal of coal

Tar sands for Bakken oil

Hydroelectric power

Fracking for natural gas

Deepwater drilling for oil

Renewable energy siting

Pollution created by extraction of energy

Pipeline construction

Power line construction

Pipeline leaks or explosions

Built Environment -- High home or office heating costs and inefficient buildings



Acidification (e.g., algal bloom and coral reef loss)

Overfishing (depletion of ocean fish stocks)

Microplastic waste in oceans

Marine Garbage Patches

Whaling (a specific issue due to its worldwide nature, treaties and persistent campaigns to prevent it; other cetaceans also impacted)

Fisheries, aquaculture marine and coastal conservation as they pertain to food and nutrition security



Deforestation (illegal logging, impact of fires, rapid pace of destruction)


Endangered species / threatened species (CITES, loss of species, impact of chemical use on species, species extinction, invasive species)

Trade and endangered species

Conservation of biological diversity

Invasive species

Land use planning (urban/suburban sprawl) and habitat loss

Habitat fragmentation

Soil conservation (includes soil erosion, contamination and salination of land, especially fertile land; see also desertification and deforestation)



Mineral extraction / mining / quarries

Light pollution

Noise pollution

Dam toxicity

Air quality (air pollution- particulate matter, ozone pollution, diesel emissions, etc.) (particulate matter)

Bioaccumulation / environmental health

Toxic chemicals (persistent organic pollutants, prior informed consent, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, etc.)

Ozone depletion

Water pollution (freshwater and ocean pollution, river and lake pollution, riparian issues)

Flint, Michigan lead exposure

Southern Vermont perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) exposure

Toxic chemicals in beauty and other health products

Acid rain

Oil spills

Pipeline accidents

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Waste (landfills, recycling, incineration, various types of waste produced from human endeavors, etc.)

Human consumption / consumerism



Diminishing Resources


Lack of space for landfills / waste

Overpopulation and access to reproductive control

Water scarcity

Consumerism (linking consumption to environmental degradation)

Planned obsolescence


Lack of safe bike lanes

Lack of reliable public transportation

Miles Per Gallon (MPG)  fuel economy

“Green” vehicles

Social Justice

A look at how energy (mining, logging, drilling, etc.) development impacts Indigenous peoples

The Wet'suwet'en and British Columbia Canada gas-pipeline battle

Mining in the Intag region of Peru