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Human Impact Project: Migration


  • refugee/migrant/asylum seeker, migrant crisis, immigration policy, economic impact, children and solo migration (families divided), physical and emotional trauma, migration detention centers ...

Library Books

Migration Topic Ideas

"Whilst the migrant stands to lose a better quality of life if her or his request for hospitality is rejected,the asylum seeker stands to lose his or her life."


Global Perspective on Globalization - lesson plans:


General Resources on Migration

Center for Immigration studies- database

NY Times: Immigration and Emigration articles:

Europe’s Migration Crisis

Europe’s Migration Crisis in Photos

Syrian Family’s Story

U.S. Migration

Central America Migration in photos

Debating Immigration policy - US

Immigrants Benefit the Economy

U.S. Refugee Program Ignores Dangers Children Face, Critics Say - Audio

Immigration in the US through 37 maps- Vox

Child Migration

Child Migration


TED Talks - Topic - Refugee


9 Maps The Explain the Refugee Crisis - Vox


Migrant Justice Vermont

What it is like to be a migrant worker in Vermont

Home to 14 refugees, a Vermont city still grapples with the resettlement debate

USCRI Vermont


Vermont’s Congressional Delegation

Senator Leahy

Senator Sanders

Representative Welch


Short Videos

Why do people migrate

The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

Tracking World Migration


A Long Walk to Water