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Human Impact Project: Education


  • quality of schools, education resources, consistency of education, access to education ...

Education Topic Ideas

        Financial Barriers

Best Practices and Technology

Lack of Funding for Education--local/national and in the Developing World


Living in a country in conflict or at risk of conflict


Hunger and poor nutrition in the-local, national and in the  Developing World


Having no teachers or having an untrained teacher


A lack of learning materials


Distance from home to school


Natural disasters

Standards Based Learning-measuring the success and failure


School vouchers


Student -centered learning


Teacher-centered learning


Digital divide: local, national, international level


Personalized Learning

Well-being of all children


The impact of mental health issues in the classroom


Sexual harassment in schools




Gender identity


Promoting a growth mindset


Gun Control



Global ADE






Teach for America


Stand for Children




Global Partnership for Education





Talks by brilliant kids and teens

Climate Education

Education in Developing World



1.Changing the Face of Education

2. Classroom Tech Trends to Watch

3. The Homework Debate

4. The Push for National Standards: What Parents Need to Know

5. Redefining Education in the Developing World

6. 10 Barriers to Education