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Human Impact Project: Reduced Inequalities (The -isms)


  • discrimination, prejudice, bias, stereotypes, people-sorting, -isms (racism, ageism, classism …), conformity, pyramid of hate ...

Library Books

Reduced Inequalities Topic Ideas

Overview of the -isms with definitions


Overview and history of laws/treatment of people with disabilities:


Definition/examples of and how to recognize it:


Definition and brief world history of:


Definition and brief history of:


Definition and brief history of:


Harvard’s “Project Implicit”: Identify your own biases

Online test:





Racism in VT schools

Sexism (definition of and prevalence in VT)

Ageism in Vermont

EVENT: UVM dance performance about -isms, 2/2/18

Profile on VT Author with “disability”

The issue of racism in VT

VT student’s perspective on effects of racism (Young Writer’s Project poem)

Racial Profiling in VT State Police Traffic Stops

Classism: What does a livable wage in Vermont look like/mean?





Racism in the workplace

Racism (US history of)

Ageism in America (editorial)

Racism and effects on health

Race and effects on Voting (tedtalk)

Racism: The rise of the white nationalist movement

Racism in the current Administration

Sexism in Hollywood (tedtalk)

Ageism (let’s end ageism)

Intersectionality (when people suffer from multiple -isms simultaneously) (tedtalk)

Ageism in the workplace

Ageism in the Knowledge era

Ableism (NYT editorial)

Overcoming Ableism TedTalk

Sexism (and how young it starts)

Heterosexism and the killing of LGBTQ

Classism in America

Classism TedTalk

Classism in Education

Classism in Education (Ted Talk)