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Human Impact Project: Gender Equality


  • stereotypes, employment gap, leadership roles, perspectives/biases, jobs/occupation, inheritance laws, criminalization of same sex relationships, partner violence, mental health disorders, drug/alcohol addiction, sports ...

Library Books

Gender Equality Topic Ideas

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sex-selective abortion


Maternal and perinatal health

Sexually transmitted and reproductive infections

Sexual health


Maternal death and disability


Unintended Pregnancies

Adolescent Health

Sexual Education and Family Planning


World Health Organization - Sexual and Reproductive Health:

United Nations Population Fund - Sexual and Reproductive Health:

Guttmacher Institute - Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights are Key to Global Development:

Legislation and Policy

Underrepresentation of women in government


Frontline combat

Discriminatory divorce rights

Freedom of Marriage

Custody Rights

Underrepresentation of women in government

Title IX

Gender-integrated military units


Borgen Magazine - 10 Examples of Gender Equality in the World:

Global Citizen - 11 Laws from Around the World that Stand in the Way of Gender Equality:

UN Women - Facts and Figures Leadership and Political Participation:

UN - Women in Politics Map:

Economic Opportunity

Unpaid care and domestic work

Under-representation in leadership and management positions

Access to education

Global GDP and Gender Gap

Gender Bias in STEM Careers

Unpaid care and domestic work

Under-representation in leadership and management positions

Gender Pay Gap

Gender Bias in STEM Careers


World Economic Forum - The Case for Gender Equality:

McKinsey and Company - How advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth:

UN Women - Facts and Figures Economic Empowerment:

The Economist - Girl Power: The Cost of Sexism:
American Association of University Women - The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap:

Pew Research Center - The Gender Pay Gap:

The Atlantic - Beyond Sexual Harassment:

Wired - Why Men Don’t Believe the Gender Bias in Science:


Overall Resources

UN Gender Equality Issue Brief:

UN Sustainable Development Goals - Gender Equality Knowledge Platform:

ABC-CLIO Topic Center - Gender:

ABC-CLIO Library Results - Gender: - Talks about Gender:

Gender Equality Topic Ideas


Sub-Topic - Global

Sub-Topic - National

Subtopic - Local

Media and Gender

Gender Bias and Stereotype in Media

Female and Male Visibility Presence

Inequity of Management in Media Companies

Consequences of Media on Adolescent Gender Roles/Perceptions

Body Image and Media


The Guardian - How the Media Can Promote Gender Equality:

Global Issues - Bridging the Gender Gap in Media:

UN Women - Women and the Media: and infographic:

Common Sense Media - Gender Stereotypes are Messing with Your Kid:

University of North Carolina - Gendered Media: The Influence of Media on Views of Gender:

Common Sense Media - Children, Teens, Media, and Body Image:

US News and World Report - How the World Can Combat Sexism:


Gender Roles

Gender Stereotypes

Gender Inequality

Transgender Rights

Gender Neutral Language

Gender Identity


Planned Parenthood - Gender Roles:

CNN - This is What Happens When Gender Stereotypes are Forced on Kids:

TIME - Gender Stereotypes - Kids Believe Them by Age 10:

The Atlantic - Toys Are More Divided by Gender Now Than They Were 50 Years Ago:

NPR - Gender Roles:

NYTimes - Britain Cracking Down on Gender Stereotypes in Ads:

ABC-CLIO - Gender Roles and Equality in the Developing World:

National Geographic - How Science is Helping Us Understand Gender:

Sexual Violence and Exploitation


Honor Killings

Human Trafficking

Genital Mutilation

Child Marriage

Sexual Harassment


Domestic Violence

Conflict-related sexual violence

Physical Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Human Trafficking

Child Marriage

Sexual Harassment


Domestic Violence

Physical Abuse

Sexual Abuse


UN Facts and Figure - Ending Violence Against Women:

UNICEF Data - Sexual Violence:

UNICEF - Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence:

National Sexual Violence Research Center  - Global Perspectives on Sexual Violence:

The World Bank - Violence Against Women and Girls:

ABC-CLIO - Human Trafficking Topic Center: